Features Internet Tablet

Internet tablet or Web-pad is the type of tablet computers with screen sizes from 4 to 11 inches with a combination of quality laptops and smartphones in a single device. Internet pad usually have the opportunity to be permanently connected to the Internet - through the Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. Internet tablets are useful for Web surfing (browsing web sites and web pages), running Web applications, and interact with any Web services. To control the Internet Tablet is used the touch screen - the work is done by fingers, without using a physical keyboard and mouse. Some of the modern Internet Tablet can be used for program management technology multitouch gestures. Certain types of Internet Tablets began to emerge in the early 2000's, but this category of computers became widespread only in 2010. The main distinguishing feature of this family of computers - this is a hardware incompatibility with IBM computers and installed them on a kind of mobile operating systems commonly used in smart phones. The established mobile operating system does not give the user to use the breadth of software available on the desktop, and in this limited functionality, Internet tablets are similar to electronic books. Still, Internet tablets have more features than electronic books. These devices are used for web surfing (browsing web sites and web pages), run a Web application, interacting with any Web services, electronic book reader, view photo albums, play multimedia files (video, music), computer games, e-mail, communicate through instant messaging programs, as well as VoIP and SIP-services (including video), a small electronic edition documents and multimedia files. The basic qualities that distinguish the internet tablet from the standard Tablet PC are low cost devices,touch screen is designed to work with your fingers, easy and intuitive user interface (more like a smartphone interface than the computer interface), developed a means of wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G), long battery life.