Multitouch technology

Multitouch is the function of sensory input systems, carrying out a simultaneous determination of the coordinates of two or more points of contact. Multi can be used, for example, to zoom in: when the distance between the points of tangency increases image. In addition, the multi-screens allow you to work with the device simultaneously to multiple users. They are often used for other, more simple functions of touch screens, such as a single touch or quasi multitouch. Multi- touch allows not only to determine relative positions of multiple points of contact at a time, it defines a pair of coordinates for each point of contact, regardless of their position relative to each other and the boundaries of the touch pad. Correct recognition of all the points of contact increases the chances of the interface of sensory input system. Range of tasks when using the multi-depends on the speed, efficiency and intuitiveness of its application. The use of technology began with the touch screens to control electronic devices predecessor multitouch technology and a personal computer. Creators of the first synthesizers and electronic instruments have experimented with using the touch sensors, capacitive sensors to monitor the sounds their instruments. The first implementation of multitouch on the basis of sensory-capacitance method was developed in 1977 based on capacitive-touch screens. This technology has been used to develop a new type of man-machine interface to control the particle accelerator. Most of today's large multi- touch screens are based on projections. There is also an IR framework (IR), which monitor multiple points of contact simultaneously and can be used with all types of displays. In the world there are many manufacturers to mass manufacture multi-IR-screens of different sizes. Great popularity in recent years began to use the sensory film and glass, manufacturers are covering all possible screen sizes from 17 to 50 or more. Multitouch devices with small screen size are rapidly becoming commonplace, so for example the number of phones with multitouch screen will increase with 200.000 sold in 2006 to 21 million in 2012. More reliable, and customizable multi-solutions, as well as increasing the quantity and quality are understood gesture make a popular and convenient, this kind of user interface.