Tablet personal computer

Tablet personal computer (Tablet PC, tablet PC) are a class of notebooks. This device can be attributed to the newest of Computer Technology. This tablet is equipped with touch screen and allow you to work with a stylus or a finger, both using and without using a keyboard and mouse. This type of personal computers appeared in the widely available after the presentation of hardware / software platform Microsoft Tablet PC, developed by Microsoft and submitted November 7, 2002. Until that time, a device of this type were used on narrower markets - in industry, medicine and government facilities. Tablet and is now widely used in government offices and corporate environments. The main distinguishing feature of the family PC is a hardware compatibility with IBM PC-computers and installed on them full-fledged operating system used on desktops and laptops. The installed desktop operating system of device allows the user to use without restriction the entire breadth of software available on the desktop. The user can enter text using a the touch screen, with built-in program, handwriting recognition, soft (virtual) keyboard, speech recognition, or a normal keyboard (if it exists in the device). This device is a prototype pad tablet. This device has several advantages and disadvantages. Since it is convenient to read electronic books, using a vertical screen orientation. Tablet PC is especially useful as a means of document review, allowing the pen to make notes in the margins or directly in the text. Fixing the touch screen tablet laptop is less reliable, because the screen rests on a rotating loop - in contrast to a conventional laptop screen, which rests on two loops. The accuracy of fingertip on the touch screen is usually very low. Nevertheless, it is very convenient and popular device.